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About Us

About Altech Engineering

Altech Engineering has been providing sheet metal engineering services and solutions to customer needs since 1988. With a focus on quality and an ethos of continuous improvement, we are regularly reinvesting into top-of-the-range machinery to ensure an excellent and efficient service is provided to all.
We offer a tailored service to suit individual customer and/or project requirements. From start to finish, we ensure every step of the process has our utmost attention. We can assist with the initial design or work with existing drawings for production and through to completion. Our ISO accreditation ensures quality is maintained and controlled throughout the process. We like to work with our customers collaboratively and be flexible in our approach to suit specific preferences.
Our dedicated and skilled team of staff are conscientious and committed to excellence so customers can be rest assured that their products are well looked after.


Combining experience with new to ensure a highly skilled workforce is maintained throughout Company.


Ensuring quality is at the centre of the Company’s ethos through accreditation to ISO 9001 standards.


Continuously looking to improve through investment in the latest state-of-the-art machinery.


Working with our customers to provide sheet metal solutions from Design through to Delivery.
  • What we do
From start to finish we ensure every step of the process has our utmost attention. Starting with interrogation of the design and model assemblies from our customers, moving through to punching the sheet metal, forming the components and welding any areas where required. The next steps are polishing and cleaning, painting and finishing, before final assembly and inspection of the completed products, ready for packing and despatch.
  • CNC Bending and Forming
  • CNC Punching
  • Multi Axis CNC Machining
  • Welding Services
  • Painting/Spraying
  • 3D CAD Software

Plant List

Trumpf CNC Punch Machine - TruPunch 3000

Trumpf CNC Punch Machine - TruPunch Autoloader

Mazak Integrex i-200S

Mazak Vertical Machining VCN-430A

Amada HFE 3i 100-3/8

Amada HFE


4x Welding bays – TIG and MIG

2 x Powder and wet paint booths

Timesaver Grindmaster

Haegar – inserting machine

Insert machine

Fly press

Designated assembly area